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Graphene Products

We manufacture various forms of Graphene Products and its applications.

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Graphene A+ ( Battery Grade)

High surface area graphene with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, many-particles thickness go down to single-layer graphene. It is easily dispersible in various battery solvents such as NMP.

Graphene Paint

Graphene P (Paints and Coating Grade)

Easily dispersable graphene in various paint solvents and work as barrier protection significantly reduces the risk of corrosion and extends the life span of the coated surface & environmental friendly coating.

Graphene X ( Composite Grade)

Used as a reinforcing filler in composite materials due to its exceptional mechanical, electrical, thermal and barrier properties. It enhances the performance of composite at very low cost on matrix

Graphene D (Conductive grade)

High conductive, easily dispersible and lateral dimension of below 1 micron make it ideal for wide range of applications to enhance thermal and electrical conductivity

Graphene Dispersion

Customized percentage of Stable Graphene Dispersion in various organic solvent such us water, NMP, Xylene, DMF and much more. Graphene dispersion  have higher shelf life

Graphene Polymer Nanocomposite

We provide various graphene nanocomposite / master batch as per your requirement. We offer both thermoplast and thermosats graphene master batches

Graphene the Miracle Material

Graphene has earned the moniker The Miracle Material, because it is considered as the world’s strongest and thinnest material, and it also have very good electrical conductivity better than any other materials available, transparent than glass and also flexible. Strategic metal Experts have stated Graphene “The most important substance created since synthetic plastic a century ago”..

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Applications of Graphene


Graphene is the world’s strongest material, it can also be used as an additive to enhance the strength of other materials. An enormous number of research have demonstrated that graphene and it’s derivative filled with composites shown immense potential applications due to its exceptional reinforcement in composites. Ad-nano Technologies manufactures various types of graphene products and Graphene polymer nanocomposites/masterbatches
Improves Mechanical Properties

With small addition of graphene or graphene based materbatch in the matrix polymer can improve many of its mechnical properties.

Improve Electrical Conductivity

With an accurate addition of graphene/ its variants in a matrix to get a well disperessed nanocomposite which enchance its electrical properties

Improve Thermal Conductivity

Graphene is the world’s most conductive material to heat.Graphene or its variants with a small addition can improve thermal conductivity


Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel and has very high electrical conductivity equivalent to copper along with very high thermal conductivity too and very lightweight. So, with minute incorporation/coating graphene with the metal/metal alloys get improvement in their properties. Ad-nano Technologies Manufacture graphene metal nanocomposite and anti corrosive paint

Improve Thermal Properties

With samples incorporation of  graphene in molten metal via stirrer casting, will improve the thermal properties.

Improve Electrical Properties

Many researchers have demostrated that with small quantity of graphene incorporation with metal can improve it electrical conductivity.


Graphene Based paint can improve the shell life of metal. protecting it from corrosion.


Graphene has very good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity due to which it has purse wide range of applications in the field of electronics such as printable electronics, sensors, displays and hard disk component handling. Adnano Technologies Pvt Ltd manufactures the conductive ink for screen printable application visit www.adnanoink.com

Next Generation Circuits

Graphene based cirucits Allows for high-speed manufacturing processes, Transparent conducting electrodes and The best candidate to replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Consitant Performance

Adnano Conductive ink provide consistance in performance

Longer Carriers Lifetime

It has consistent ESD protection, Longer life of carriers due to additives durability, High cleanliness and ultra-low particulate, Flexible and durable printing and easy scalability.


Graphene is very effective & helpful in the process of Desalination of seawater by making it more economical. A graphene-based nano filter has the potential to cut these costs. Ad-nano Technologies provide stable graphene coated sand which is used in the filtration process also considered as the most efficient and effective due to low cost

Cost Effective
Due to its low cost it can be used in commercialization and also in huge Desalination plant with bulk production quantity.
Improved water productivity

Due to low cost and used in commericalization it can used in bulk disallination plants.

Low Operational Cost

It unit doesn’t required huge operation cost.


Graphene is one of the leading materials used to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly sources today in applications ranging from batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells to wind turbines and solar cells. with increased available power and decreased recharging time. Adnano Technologies Pvt Ltd provides customized grade of graphene or its variants to fulfil your needs.

Improve power and Energy density
Extend Battery cycle lifetime
Coating the electrodes surfaces with graphene will achieve the benefits required.
Fast Charging

Paints and Coating

Graphene based dispersion enhances the paints and coating by improving mechanical properties, scratch resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, conductive, Improving decorative effect, adhesion, pencil hardness, with less impact on colour and cost-effective solution. Ad-nano Technologies manufactures customized stable and suitable graphene-based dispersions which will incorporate in your paints and anticovid surface coating. contact us for more details

Improves Mechanical Properties

With samples incorporation of  graphene dispersion improves mechincal properties such us scratch resistanc, flexibility, abrasion resistnace and pencil hardness.

Uniform Conductivity of Primer

get uniform conductivity of primer with small loading of graphene varients

Get Anticorrosive Protection

Graphene Based paint can improve the shell of metals to protecting it from corrosion.


Graphene or its variants incorporated concrete to control material behaviour and add novel properties such as superior mechanical performance and durability potentially having a range of novel properties such as self-sensing capabilities, self-cleaning, self-healing, high ductility, and self-control of cracks. Ad-nano Technologies suppliers graphene dispersion customised for the construction application

Improve Mechanical Properites
Lower The Cost
It works in concrete by improving the bulk properties  and lower the cost per building site with high tensile strength and cessation of super plastizine utilization .
New Generation Structures

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