Graphene X

(Composite Grade)

Graphene X composite grade is use as a reinforcing filler in composite materials due to its exceptional mechanical, electrical, thermal and barrier properties. It enhances the performance of composite at very low cost on matrix.

Purity ~99%
Thickness (Z) ~5-10 nm
Dimension (X&Y) ~20 µm
Surface Area 200 m2/g
Bulk Density 0.12 g/cm3
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Advantages of Graphene X Composite Grade

When incorporated into a composite material, graphene composite grade can significantly increase its tensile strength, toughness, and stiffness, leading to enhanced structural performance.

Its high electrical conductivity allows it to act as a conductive filler in composites, improving their electrical properties.

It can facilitate the efficient transfer of heat, resulting in enhanced thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities.

When incorporated into composites, it can enhance their barrier properties, preventing the diffusion or permeation of substances.

It can integrated into composites using various manufacturing techniques, such as solution mixing, roll mixing and melt blending


Applications of Graphene X Composite Grade

When this grade is incorporated into the polymer it improves mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties with less impact on final product prices.





Graphene X Composite Grade

Along with the powder form, we can also provide it in dispersion or incorporate it with various polymer master batch.


Polymer Composite

We provide the customized composition of ADGX in various polymer.

Packing, Pricing & Delivery

Graphene composite grade is supplied in Small Quantities for Researchers and in bulk quantity of graphene X to companies and institutes for application developments at the very cheapest price. please contact us for a quote. Our products are packaged in suitable, secure, tamperproof enclosures. We have free delivery of Graphene composite grade in India and, we can deliver globally.

Warranties and Disclaimers

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