Polymer Nanocomposites

We manufacture various forms of Polymer Nanocomposites.

Polymer Nanocomposites

Composite Materials are a new emerging class of materials to over come the limitation of monolithic conventional materials” 



Polymer Nanocomposite / AD-PNC are reinforced with Graphene/CNT in balanced formulation to enhance the performance of polymer for industrial and research purposes. We supply best quality of polymer nanocomposite at very competitive price to full fill the unmet demands of our various clients from companies and institutes. Performance Increase in electrical break down strength of polymer More Melting Temperature, Colour and magnetization and charge capacity is more. Increase in Interacting zone such that we can get our expected property. Increase ductility with no decrease in strength. High surface to volume ratio.

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Applications of Graphene


Graphene is the world’s strongest material, it can also be used as an additive to enhance the strength of other materials. Enormous number of researches have demonstrated that graphene and its derivative filled with composites shown immense potential applications due to its exceptional reinforcement in composites. Adnano Technologies manufactures various types of graphene polymer nanocomposites/masterbatches
Improves Mechanical Properties

With small addition of graphene or graphene based materbatch in the matrix polymer can improve many of its mechnical properties. we manufacture various types and best quality of polymer nanocomposites.

Improve Electrical Conductivity

With an accurate addition of graphene/ its variants in a matrix to get a well disperessed nanocomposite which enchance its electrical properties

Improve Thermal Conductivity

Graphene is the world’s most conductive material to heat.Graphene or its variants with a small addition can improve thermal conductivity

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