Graphene A+

(Battery Grade)

Graphene A+ Battery Grade have high surface area with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, many-particles thickness go down to single-layer graphene . It is easily dispersible in various battery solvents such as NMP.


Purity ~99%
Thickness (Z) ~0.8-1.6 nm
Primary Dimension (X&Y) <1 μm
Number of Layers 1-3
Surface Area >400 m2/g
Bulk Density 0.014 g/cm3
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Advantages of Graphene A+ Battery Grade

Graphene has exceptional electrical conductivity, allowing for efficient electron transport within the battery system.

Easily dispersible in many solvents.

The increased surface area provides more active sites for electrochemical reactions, facilitating higher energy and power densities.

Its high surface-to-volume ratio and ability to accommodate ions on its surface make it an ideal material for enhancing the capacity of batteries, leading to long-lasting power sources.

It can withstand repeated charge and discharge cycles without significant performance degradation, resulting in a longer battery lifespan.

It can offer faster charging capabilities due to its high electrical conductivity and efficient ion diffusion.

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Applications of Graphene A+ Battery Grade

GNP A+ is very lightweight with less defected honeycomb 2d carbon structuring and having minimum number stacking with high graphitized carbon. So Graphene A+ is used in many battery applications

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Lithium-Ion Batter

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Sodium-Ion Batteries

Aluminium-Ion Batteries

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Zinc-Ion Batteries

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Lead Acid Batteries

Graphene Battery Grade - Ad-nano

Super Capacitor


Graphene Battery Grade 

Along with the powder form we can also provide it in dispersion or incorporate with various battery solvents such as NMP and much more.



We provide customized composition of ADG-A+ in various organic solvent such us Water, NMP, DMF, and Much more

Packing, Pricing & Delivery

Graphene battery grade  is supplied in Small Quantities for Researchers and In bulk quantity of Graphene battery grade to companies and institutes for application developments at the very cheapest price. please contact us for a quote. Our products are packaged in suitable, secure, tamper-proof enclosures. We have free delivery of  Graphene battery grade in India and also we can deliver globally.

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