Graphene oxide (GO) has obtained great interest in the construction industry, particularly in enhancing the performance of cement-based materials such as mortar and concrete.

Aiming to enhance the mechanical, durability, and structural properties of conventional mortar. The research investigates the synergy between GO and cement, shedding light on the potential of this modified composite in revolutionizing construction materials.


GO helps in refining the pore structure of cement mortar, leading to a denser and more compact microstructure. This is due to the interaction between the functional groups of GO and the hydration products of cement.

Advantage of incorporating graphene oxide in mortar:

Enhanced Mechanical Properties:

GO can significantly increase the compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths of cement mortar. This is attributed to its high surface area and strong interfacial bonding with the cement matrix.

Crack Bridging and Arresting:

GO has a high aspect ratio and excellent mechanical properties, which allow it to bridge and arrest microcracks, thereby enhancing the durability and fracture toughness of the mortar.

Benefits of GO-Modified Cement Mortar

Increased Strength:

Studies have shown that even small amounts of GO can substantially increase the compressive and tensile strength of cement mortar.


GO-modified mortars exhibit improved resistance to water permeability, chemical attacks, and freeze-thaw cycles, enhancing the longevity of structures.

Flexibility in Applications:

Enhanced mechanical properties and durability make GO-modified cement mortar suitable for various applications, including high-performance buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects.

Future Prospects: A Construction Revolution:
Beyond the laboratory, there are various potential applications and envisions the future prospects of graphene oxide modified cement mortar. From infrastructure projects to sustainable construction, the versatility of this modified composite is explored, pointing towards a future where construction materials are not just sturdy but also environmentally conscious.

Ad-Nano Concrete applications products :

Adnano technologies has been working towards concrete application with their group of researchers with great dedication and successfully created fabulous products which not even increase the strength but are also environmentally conscious. They are mentioned below,

  1. Nano-GTN : is a paste admixture of graphene nanoplatelets .
  2. Nano-GTX : is a paste admixture of few layer graphene .
  3. UNIGO : Graphene oxide product for concrete applications .

Dosage and Application

  • Recommended Dosage: 15g per 50kg bag of cement is the recommended dose; 30g per 50kg bag of cement for more higher strength.
  • Addition: First the paste needs to be added in small quantity of water and mixed well to get concentrated solution, later the concentrated solution needs to be diluted in total water as per the water/cement ratio.

Product Benefits :

  • Improved workability: The mixture is workable for longer enabling max plasticity to be achieved.
  • Enhances flexibility: Leads to significantly improved crack resistance in the plaster/mortar mix.
  • Minimizes cracking and blistering: Facilitates homogenous mixing and reduces cracking due to retarding effect leading to a denser mix.
  • Develops higher strength in all cemented applications.

In the dynamic realm of construction materials, the integration of graphene oxide into cement mortar emerges as a promising avenue for improvement. This research not only introduces a novel modification but demonstrates tangible enhancements in mechanical and durability properties. As we seek resilient and sustainable solutions for the built environment, graphene oxide-modified cement mortar stands as a beacon of innovation.

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As this ,There are some research papers published using Ad-Nano Graphene Oxide in Cement Mortar for Enhanced Performance.