Graphene in concrete offers numerous benefits and has various applications in the construction industry, paving the way for more durable and efficient structures.

Benefits of Graphene in Concrete

Microstructural Enhancements

1. Graphene possesses a significantly greater specific surface area compared to traditional cement materials, enhancing the cement hydration process        .

2. The addition of graphene improves the bonding between cement particles, leading to substantial enhancements in the mechanical strength and longevity of concrete .

Improved Mechanical Properties

  • Graphene can improve the microstructure, mechanical strength, and durability of concrete . Specific impacts on mechanical properties include:
  • Enhanced durability and longevity due to improved bonding between cement particles.

Durability and Performance

  • Incorporating graphene into concrete can lead to:
  • Better performance at high temperatures and under freeze-thaw cycles .
  • Improved impermeability, chloride ion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, carbonation resistance, and fatigue performance.

Functional Properties

Sustainable Construction

Graphene-based concrete has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable cement industry by enhancing the properties of concrete and reducing its environmental impact.


Graphene, the superior Nanomaterial has very bright innovation in the construction industry. From increasing tensile and compressive strength to enabling applications in structural health monitoring and energy harvesting.

Ad-Nano technologies have launched very efficient and high strength Graphene dispersion for concrete applications, that can provide strength up to 100%.

Ad-Nano Concrete applications products :

  1. Nano-GTN : is a paste admixture of graphene nanoplatelets .
  2. Nano-GTX : is a paste admixture of few layer graphene .

Dosage and Application

  • Recommended Dosage: 15g per 50kg bag of cement is the recommended dose; 30g per 50kg bag of cement for more higher strength.
  • Addition: First the paste needs to be added in small quantity of water and mixed well to get concentrated solution, later the concentrated solution needs to be diluted in total water as per the water/cement ratio.

Product Benefits :

  • Improved workability: The mixture is workable for longer enabling max plasticity to be achieved.
  • Enhances flexibility: Leads to significantly improved crack resistance in the plaster/mortar mix.
  • Minimizes cracking and blistering: Facilitates homogenous mixing and reduces cracking due to retarding effect leading to a denser mix.
  • Develops higher strength in all cemented applications.