Various  applications based graphene products,metal ocides nanomaterials and carbon nanotubes.

Graphene Battery Grade

Have high surface area Graphene with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Conductive Inks

Wide range of conductive inks, including various types of graphene-based conductive ink and silver-based conductive ink.

Anti Microbial Solutions

Ability to kill or inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms.

Concrete Admixtures

Ad-Nano Admixtures for cement applications, concrete and mortar structures.

Solutions And Products We Offer

Graphene Battery Grade

High surface area graphene with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, many-particles thickness go down to single-layer graphene. It is easily dispersible in various battery solvents such as NMP.

 Exceptional Electrical Conductivity

It has exceptional electrical conductivity, allowing for efficient electron transport within the battery system.

Very High Surface Area

The increased surface area provides more active sites for electrochemical reactions, facilitating higher energy.

Easily Dispersible

It can withstand repeated charge and discharge cycles without significant performance degradation, resulting in a longer battery lifespan.

Conductive Inks and Pastes

Screen printing conductive paste

Water Base conductive ink

Silver base conductive Ink

Graphene Base conductive Ink

Carbon base conductive ink

conductive ink


Graphene concrete applications



Ad-Nano has various graphene products used for cement applications, concrete and mortar structures. It reduces permeability of concrete/mortar thus imparting prolonged waterproofing & durability.

Anti Microbial Products

Ad-Nano Antimicrobial silver dispersion 

Ability to kill or inhibit the growth of a wide range of microorganisms


Nanomaterials We Offer

MWCNT high purity


Various application based graphene Grades , including graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (RGo).

Nano powder

Metal Oxides

High-quality metal oxide nanoparticles, such as ZnO, Fe3O4, SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, MgO, and CuO Nanoparticles.

Graphene for ion applications

Carbon Nanotubes

High-quality carbon nanotubes, including multi-walled and single-walled , available in various grades for specific application.

About Us

Founded in the year 2013, AD-NANO TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd is an advanced nanotechnology-based company in India. We are developing and manufacturing nanotechnology-based applications. Ad-Nano is one of the premier nanomaterials manufacturers and suppliers in India.  We are pioneers in manufacturing high-quality graphene products and its various forms. To cater to customers applications, Ad-Nano supplies graphene in bulk quantity at the most optimum price. We are specialized in manufacturing stable nanomaterials dispersions and coating, At ad-nano you will get ready to use dispersed nanomaterials and nanocoating for various applications.

We are a team of dedicated scientists and engineering having huge experience in the field of nanotechnology. We work on the horizon of nanotechnology, with an aim to add nanotechnology to Life. We also conduct our business in a Safe, Ethical, and Environmentally responsible way.

Nanotechnology Based Company in India

Graphene having enormous potential to spark off the next industrial revolution

Graphene a carbon nano-material is considered to be the world’s strongest material as well as very high thermal and electrical conductivity along with this it is flexible. The cylindrical rolled form of Graphene is a carbon nanotube.


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